Travel protection with Executor Protection

In North America, last year there were over 70 million trips out of the country and over 200 million trips taken over 100 km. There were also hundreds of thousands of families who had to face the harsh reality that 45% of deaths are sudden and unexpected. These deaths often happen away from home, and when it does, families are forced to find a way to bring their loved ones back.

This can entail:

  • Identification of the body
  • Dealing with embassies and interpreters
  • Selecting from a myriad of services
  • Finding and coordinating with distant countries and funeral homes
  • Organizing transportation of the deceased
  • Upfront costs, usually costing thousands of dollars

To help solve this problem, there are Travel Protection Plans available that:

  • Protect you when you travel more than 100 km away from home, anywhere in the world
  • Handles all necessary documents, including a concierge service with foreign governments and agencies to ensure that repatriation occurs as quickly as possible
  • Locates and arranges transportation to a local funeral home near place of death, who will then prepare the deceased for the transportation home
  • Provides transportation for one travelling companion home with the deceased

These plans are available for a small one-time fee that covers you for life.