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What is the Memorial Forest® Program?
The program began in 1996 as a shared initiative between Fish Creek Provincial Park and McInnis & Holloway Funeral Homes, and has now expanded to other areas of the city. For McInnis & Holloway, this program offers families a special way of memorializing a person who has died, and provides families with a meaningful way to deal with a loss. A tree planted will remain a living memorial to which family and friends can return every year.
Where are the Memorial Forest® Locations?
Families are able to have a tree planted in the Burnsmead area located in Fish Creek Provincial Park, (Bow Bottom Trail S.E.  South of 146 Avenue S.E.  North of Sikome Lake)

How many trees have been planted to date?
Since June 1996, over 50,642 trees have been planted in the Memorial Forests. This includes the trees planted for our 2018 Tree Dedication Ceremonies.

Who maintains the Forests?
McInnis & Holloway is responsible for the maintenance of the individual trees. Each spring and summer, McInnis & Holloway hires two full-time staff to drive their special 2,839 litre water truck and apply about 30,000 liters of water a day throughout the spring and summer months to ensure the health and longevity of the trees.

Can families purchase a tree in one of the Forests?
If families wish, any family that was served by McInnis & Holloway have a tree planted in memory of one who has died, at no additional cost to the family. Additional trees can be purchased at a nominal cost, and many people elect to have several trees in the forest as a testimony to someone who has died. Others not served by McInnis & Holloway may also purchase one or more trees to place in our Memorial Forests®.