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A Comforting Symbol of Life
For McInnis & Holloway Funeral Homes and the families in Calgary a tree represents quiet strength, beauty, longevity, and peacefulness – an ideal memorial to a person’s life. McInnis & Holloway’s Memorial Forests® program allows McInnis & Holloway Funeral Home to give back to the community, by enhancing the growth of parks in the Calgary area. Families are encouraged to come to one of the Memorial Forests®, and enjoy the protected haven they provide.

A Living Tribute

The Memorial Forest®
The Memorial Forests® program offers a special way of memorializing a person who has died and provides families with a meaningful way to deal with a loss. McInnis & Holloway Funeral Homes makes every attempt to find appropriate and lasting ways for loved ones to be remembered. In this case, a tree planted will remain a living memorial for families and friends to return to year after year.

Each year, families are invited to attend a dedication ceremony for our Memorial Forests. For dates and times of the dedication ceremony, see below. If families wish, any family that was served by McInnis & Holloway have a tree planted in memory of one who has died, at no additional cost to the family. Others can purchase, at a minimal cost, one or more trees to add to the Memorial Forest®, through McInnis & Holloway. Each purchase includes one tree, its planting and maintenance at the Forest site, and the engraving of the deceased’s name on a permanent granite marker. McInnis & Holloway absorbs all other costs in connection to the Forest.

We had a five year contract with the City of Calgary to plant trees in our Nose Creek Valley Memorial Forest. This contract ended June of 2005 when the City of Calgary decided not to renew the contract for this area. From the start of this Memorial Forest in the year 2000 we have planted 4,200 trees in Nose Creek Valley which includes the trees planted for our final Ceremony for Nose Creek Valley in 2005. We are fortunate to offer families a Memorial Forest® location in the Burnsmead area located in Fish Creek Provincial Park, (Bow Bottom Trail S.E.  South of 146 Avenue S.E.  North of Sikome Lake).

To find out more about the Memorial Forest® program, click here or contact McInnis & Holloway Funeral Home at 1-800-661-1599 / 403-243-8200 or

Fish Creek Provincial Park
“Burnsmead Area”

2013 and 2014 Memorial Forests

Big Hill Springs Provincial Park

McInnis & Holloway has planted 2,300 trees in Big Hill Springs Memorial Forest between 2011 -2013.

Fletcher Park

2010 marked the last year we planted trees in Fletcher Park.

Fish Creek Provincial Park
“Shaw’s Meadow”

2007 marked the last year we planted trees in Shaw’s Meadow.

Nose Creek Valley Memorial Forest

2005 marked the last year we planted trees in Nose Creek Valley. From the first Dedication Ceremony in June of 2000 to the last Dedication Ceremony in June of 2005 McInnis & Holloway planted 4,200 trees in Nose Creek Valley.

Fish Creek Provincial Park
“LaFarge Meadows”